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rectal dysfunction

prostate cancer symptoms are not apparent in the early stages of the disease the symptoms of prostate cancer may be different for each man and any one of these symptoms may be caused by

rectal dysfunction, other conditions as a result routine screenings in the form of digital rectal exams tre and prostate specific antigen psa tests are important though the

disease often never present with any symptoms occasionally it does if you notice any of the following prostate cancer symptoms call your doctor first difficulty urinating or trouble starting and stopping while urinating if you have trouble urinating or stream is slow or week even if this happens once

or twice and doesn't persist you should not ignore it because it's not normal get it checked out right away second blood in your urine if you noticed blood in your hearing or if it burns there is painful to pee ask your doctor about getting tested for prostate cancer because of the prostate glands proximity to the urethra and

bladder a tumor pressing on it may cause urinary symptoms don't ignore the symptom and consult your doctor immediately third difficulty getting an erection i rectal dysfunction if you suddenly have trouble getting an erection ejaculating is painful or there's blood in your semen issues with

erectile function may signal late stage prostate cancer fourth numbness or pain in the hips legs or feet pain in the bones such as the ribs tips or sign can actually be a sign of prostate cancer for quent pain or stiffness in the lower back hips or upper thighs is also a symptom according to the prostate cancer

foundation and maybe a sign that cancer has spread fifth loss of appetite loss of appetite or the desire to eat things one normally would can be a prostate cancer warning sign even though the symptom seems minor since prostate cancer usually doesn't present with clear symptoms in order for

us to find cancer that's curable men have to be proactive six swelling and legs or pelvic area one of the major symptom during prostate cancer swelling and legs or pelvic area if you find this symptom do consult the doctor right away

rectal dysfunction

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