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viagra vs cialis

hello, i am dr. david k jayne, a family physicianserving the greater oklahoma city area. today's question comes from mark: i've tried viagra,and i didn't get the results i want. what's going on? well mark, there are three reasonswhy it may not be giving you the response you are seeking. the first is, you may havesome fairly extensive blockages in your blood vessels, which won't allow the viagra to work.second, you may be having some issues in your
viagra vs cialis, relationship, or increased stress in yourlife causing problem that won't respond to viagra either. third, you may have a verylow testosterone level, and until you address that issue, the viagra may not help. symptomsof low testosterone include fatigue, irritability,

erectile dysfunction, loss of interest insex, weight gain, and even depression. if
you think that you have any of these symptoms,i am happy to meet with you and discuss options for treatment. if you have a question to submit,please go to …
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viagra natural

viagra is a powerful drug for men,that isutilized to increase sexual function and performance. not many people know the secret, that it canalso be made at home by just taking watermelon and lemon. this homemade viagra is safe and potent forpeople of all ages and genders. cut the watermelon into small pieces and putthe pieces into a juicer.
viagra natural, you should obtain about one liter of watermelonjuice. the white stuff inside the shell of watermelonis also very high in concentrated citrulline and should not be wasted and need to be juiced. pour the juice into a pot. leave it to boilfor a few minutes then squeeze the lemon juice
into the pot. mix it well with the boiling watermelon juice. you should continue boiling until most ofthe liquid evaporate and the content in the pot reduce to about half.

leave it to cool down for about an hour orso. after that, you should take this drink onan empty stomach, early in the morning and before dinner and anywhere between 2 tablespoonsto 1/3 o…

sex enhancement pills

this objective review of vimax pills is intendedto help you make an informed choice of male sexual enhancement supplements and it's providedby impress! the strongest male sexual enhancement pillwith 1600 mg of highly standardized, branded bioactives. first, the supplied info on vimax pills showsit's a long-term program. you're taking pills every
sex enhancement pills, single day. you "may" notice increased sexual desire andstamina in weeks 1-4. a month before you "may" see any results??? vimax doesn't even claim to have you at yourfull potential until at least 9 weeks.
impress! allows "flexible dosing." you take it when you want. impress! is the strongest natural male sexualenhancement pill that's safe enough to take every day, but you may take it only on thedays you choose. next, look at how vimax pills lures you inwith a "free trial offer". to get their "free" 15 capsules, you mustenroll in their automatic monthl…

remedies for erectile dysfunction

welcome to health care at home in the previous episode we were talking about "how to reduce tummy fat" i had shared lots of consequesnes of tummy fat if you have tummy fat , it can cause cholesterol, heart blockage and inability in breathing. so let's talk about how to lose tummy fat and also about prevention from all these diseases.
remedies for erectile dysfunction, distilled cow urine if you'll consume 20 ml of distilled cow urine and 20 ml water with empty stomach in the morning use this twice a day also ( in evening) add 20 ml water in 20 ml distilled cow urine & if you'll consume this
its is highly helpful to reduce your tummy fat if you'll follow this remedy for continuous 5-6 months, you'll have noticeable reduction of tummy fat. this will not only lose the tummy fat but it also controls the high cholesterol if any. it works really wonders in heart blockage. its also very much beneficial for you liver, if its not working properly. it also keep…

rectal dysfunction

prostate cancer symptoms are not apparent in the early stages of the disease the symptoms of prostate cancer may be different for each man and any one of these symptoms may be caused by
rectal dysfunction, other conditions as a result routine screenings in the form of digital rectal exams tre and prostate specific antigen psa tests are important though the
disease often never present with any symptoms occasionally it does if you notice any of the following prostate cancer symptoms call your doctor first difficulty urinating or trouble starting and stopping while urinating if you have trouble urinating or stream is slow or week even if this happens once
or twice and doesn't persist you should not ignore it because it's not normal get it checked out right away second blood in your urine if you noticed blood in your hearing or if it burns there is painful to pee ask your doctor about getting tested for prostate cancer because of the prostate glands proximity to the urethra and

penis prosthetic

hi guys today, i'm going to be talking to you guys about a new product the rod, which, as the name suggests, is actually quite literally a rod it's essentially a silicone penile extension it's for guys who've had meta, or metoidioplasty
penis prosthetic, with urethral lengthening in which case you can also use it as a stand to pee device if you're finding that you'd just like a little bit of extra clearance room from your pants
it is also appropriate for natal guys if you're under two inches and you also have trouble standing to pee then this product would work well for you as well so yeah, not just for trans guys, but also for natal guys and it's also not just for trans guys that have had surgery if you haven't had any surgery, you can definitely still use it i myself have not had any lower surgery and i can use it just fine
but in my case, it's obviously more for visual reasons if i want to shower in a public shower naked, etc it's not for…

man erection

hi viwers only one glass of this juice will help you un block arteries every year heart attack or stroke is one of the main cause of death one out of three deths is caused by
man erection, cardiovascular disease and more than 2,500 people died because of it every single day the arteries in often leads and products this condition comes as a
result of an unhealthy lifestyle and conception of fatty and proccss to food that causes fact before this in the blood vessels this recipe will help you cleanse the body toczins and unblocked the facts from your bloodvessels for this we need some at all the injured lemon and pepper powder let's start the process take a blender jar place tomoto
pieces in it add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice 2pieces of ginger pinch of pepper and water then blend well blending it over take this mixture into a glass juice is ready to serve drink this amazing barrage between me

you can drink up to 3 cups a day this juice will help you unblog arteries
thank you fo…