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driver stopped suv and ran off and captured minutes later. peter: a stabbing near fraternity low at a local university and classes begin

car hire granada

car hire granada, tomorrow. elsa: on 2100 block of terry place, that is just blocks from cal state fullerton, jennifer

casser -- casser in is live. tomorrow is the first day of school, start of the fall semester, this concerns for students and parents and people who live in the community. they want to show you the frat house it happened. back there.

pi kapa fhi, he is a dell kit -- delicate situation, the stabbing happened behind the frat, 12:30 this morning, we're told there was a party going on at the time. there was talk that victims were students but late tonight, just about 30 minutes ago police

confirmed for us they do not think they are students of the college. both only have minor injuries. police appear to be looking any sort of an attacker it is unsettling for the neighbors. it is scary, too close to home.

they get rowdy, they are up all night. sometimes they don't go home until 4 in the morning. reporter: only minor injuries, and pose low say there is no

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the mediterranean and moorish-style hyatt regency coral gables stands 14-stories tall in coral gables, fla. modeled after the alhambra palace in granada, spain, the hotel sits two blocks from the miracle mile's shopping, dining and entertainment area. the four-block district includes more than 40 eateries, four theaters, art galleries and more than 170 shops. miami international airport is four miles from the property. the doral golf resort and spa, featuring five championship pga courses, is located 12 miles away. the two-story marble lobby is accentuated with antique candle chandeliers, vibrant plants, arched hallways, stone-and-tile stairs, antiques and mediterranean-style windows. two sisters restaurant features seafood, steaks and soups. made-to-order omelets, pasta, carving stations and desserts are served for the restaurant's sunday brunch. alcazaba nightclub spins lively music wednesday and saturday nights. the hyatt regency coral gables provides a seasonal outdoor pool and fitness facility on the fifth floor. meeting facilities include 13,700-square-feet of space including a business center. the 242 guestrooms of the hyatt regency coral gables promote a light atmosphere with light-wood furnishings and camel-colored walls. amenities include cable television and wireless internet access, for a fee. coffeemakers are provided in each room. refrigerators are available upon request. the coral gables trolley runs adjacent to the hyatt regency coral gables and provides complimentary transportation to the many entertainment, shopping and eating venues found on the miracle mile. hyatt regency coral gables star rating: 4.0 of 5 50 alhambra plaza coral gables, fl, 33134 http://dastravel.mofuse.mobi/

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well, i'm fucking triggered that fucking fuck fucking.. fucking raplh i told ralph when we are working and i told three people

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and then fuck wreckied ralph up i don't care bitch working you asshole

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kill bed bugs with salt not traps table salt/baking soda (is also salt) is cheap and relatively safe around pets. just liberally sprinkle a lot of salt on and under your mattress, and floors and forget about it. sprinkle salt everywhere not noticeable and even in your carpets and flooring. windows, pipes, or anywhere they might go for a fresh drink of water should be salted.

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car hire epsom, humans and bugs cannot live off salt water, so one goal is to target their moisture sources. if a bedbug/cockroach/ant comes in direct contact with salt it can be painful and deadly. the more salt you sprinkle and leave on the ground/mattress area, the quicker you will be bug free. this should be effective against any bug in your home.

this video is short and concise but provides information that can save you from bug bites and possibly associated infections. simply pour salt under and behind all your furniture and anywhere a bug can fit. they will die or vacate asap. please thumbs up/like this video if it makes sense to you or you have tried it and are grateful for the tip. it will help others find it.

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his message the state found two controversial support for the gay community. koco kim passoth has the story. reporter: a license plate

car hire dublin city centre

car hire dublin city centre, like this would never grab your attention but a local doctor hopes this one might. lgbt li he filed for the vanity

date with the plate at his request was denied. man: when i drive around with a license plate that says lgbt it tells people i am here. reporter: the doctor wants a customized plate for the back of his corolla. he is not gay, he is married

with two children but wants to show his support. man: i have friends even my sister kimberly is gay. reporter: the tipstate tax commission said no. man: they turned that down. reporter: he hired an attorney.

man: socially and politically the landscape is different now and people's attitudes are different. reporter: keith hopes he can change more minds. man: if it reaches one person and that person feels better and happier because they

know we support that, the impact has been made. reporter: we reached out to the oklahoma tax commission and said they cannot comment. we did ask ken the phrase lgbt ever be displayed on a license plate: they said it is not on

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have been come in but it has to be customized to courtney. the best outcome would be to recover the stolen wheelchair, they say.

car hire brooklyn

car hire brooklyn, terrifying moments in brooklyn when a park car suddenly caught fire. cbs 2's steve langford reports

now from borough park. reporter: this ominous sight on 47th street near 13th avenue at 1:15 a minivan in flames. i was at home when my.com of daughter screamed there was a fire. reporter: a manhole under the vehicle exploded according

to witnesses virtually destroying the minivan. no one was in the vehicle at the time. no injuries reported. nobody got hurt? nobody. nobody was around. reporter: neighbors say the

potential for danger could have been much worse. half the community, they say, is currently in the catskills. the fdny put out the fire while coned emergency crews rushed to the scene. although the utility says it's unclear, so far, if the car

started the fire or the manhole did. it's shocking. reporter: an ever nervous world may be forgiven for wondering at first if it it was something more sinister. these days in this world, yes, you never know.

reporter: the exact cause of this violent explosion now under investigation as power

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we've made our reservations, we found a flight,we got a hotel. got a good deal, and now we want to figure out some stuff for us to dowhen we get to where we're going. if you have friends or family in the city, go ahead callthem. make sure you give people a heads up. remember, just because you're on vacation,doesn't mean that everyone else is. you also can look on line, and see what there is todo in different cities. google is one of the

car hire ayers rock

car hire ayers rock, best. yahoo is also another great websiteto check. when you do your search you want to put in, you can even put "things to doin las vegas". there is so much to do. or you can put "things to do" wherever you'regoing, los angeles. what will happen is you'll get a whole bunch of websites, and some websiteswill link you to places where you can get

discounted tickets to even plays. there'sa website called gold star events, and they have discounted prices to plays, basketballgames, so many different things. you just have to go on there and take a look. so you'regoing to have fun on your trip, but your internet is your best friend for this one right hereunless you know, or have a personal connection in the area. if you're staying at a hotel,say las vegas, there's so many clubs in las vegas, that they require, some of them requireguest lists. what you want to do is going on "webvites" and see if there is a contactperson for a guest list. and i you get a contact person, go ahead and call them. let them knowyou're staying in that hotel, and that you want to go to that club, and can they putyou on that guest list? most of the time,

they'll do it. it's happened to me plentyof times. so you're going to have fun on your trip, but there are so many more things thatwe need to do, and we'll learn about those in the next couple clips.

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it is a strange sight for people in gaza a woman, wearing a head cover climbing into a truck and embarking on a career as a truck driver bu...