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ed information

hello and welcome to today's webinar onsharing your family history. my name is ginevra morse, the directorof education online programs at the new englandhistoric genealogical society. i'll be moderating today's event. nehgs is a nonprofit organization supported by our members and donors.

ed information, we provide resources and expertise innearly all aspects a family history and are pleased to offer this webinartoday for our members and friends around the world. giving today'spresentation will be penny stratton publishing director at nehgs.

she's been at the society for eightyears and overseas all print publications including our magazine, scholarly journal,and books. she's also managed all steps of bookproduction for more than a dozen nehgs and newbury street presstitles. in addition she is co author of guide to genealogical writing: writingand publishing your family history, published by nehgs just this pastfall. in the next 45 minutes or so penny will provide a variety of ideas onhow you can share your channel logical

research with your family chill talk about getting ready to writeto compile your research selecting a format that meet your goalsorganizing your materials and then writing within 10 sharing anytime during the presentation please feel free to write a question in the panel tothe right of your screen penny will answer them in the last 15 to20 minutes up the hour there is button no handoutfor this lecture but there is a subject guide on writing and publishing yourfamily history on our website which any will referenceduring the presentation

also you can take %uh screen or slidecaptures by clicking on the camera icon on on upper right of your screen thisevent is also being recorded and the video will be posted to ourwebsite in the next couple of days so i will now turn things over to penny welcome everyone on the holidays are approaching and it's agreat time to think about writing and sharing your family history he might be planning to create apublication is a holiday gift are you might want to take theopportunity to share what you know with

relatives will be seen over the holidays today will discusssome options for you and i hope you get some inspirationfirst now let's take a little survey kinda family history project are youhoping to create so please select one here something youcan share with your family over the holidays or a formal genealogy if the answer isboth pick which one you're going to do firstarm and will focus probably today more onshorter pieces

although you'll be able to extrapolatefrom what we talk about today to a longer more formal genealogy and will what youchoose those resource scary we should be seeing the response since and it looks like be an votes are more heavily weighted tosomething you can share with family over although formal genealogy is prettyclose well let's get started and i'm we will talk about both here

any hgs we see lots of examples allkinds a family histories our library is full hardcovergenealogies but we also have more informal documents in our collectiontranscribe diaries short family histories that were printedat homer copy shops pamphlets articles and even photo basedfamily histories in addition we have a great deal ofexperience publishing back in 1847 we first published our quarterly journalto register the flagship journal american genealogywe also published quarterly magazine

american ancestors and is she never mentioned earlier wehave a very active book publishing program we publish adozen or more titles per year including how to books and books andrecords and compiled genealogies american families through our writingand publishing seminars and webinars we talked to a lot of people just likeyou who have already started writing their family histories or are looking to start will look atways of sharing family histories both online and in print but the focus todaywill be on

trent there are many opportunities forsharing information online and what better way to solicitinformation from other family members even those previously unknown to youancestry dot com trees and stories familysearch my heritage blogs your own website even facebook but i do hope you'll considerprinting family history that's the best way toensure that it will be around in years to come now you don't need to do a long hardcover genealogy

all your ancestors although you could that you can do something short andsimple less we'll see today you can create your own create your ownproject on your computer printed at home take it to a local copy shop or workwith work with the book trainer publishing service for even onlineservice fortunately for us in the 21st century digital printing technology has madetraining relatively easy and inexpensive cell regardless of whether your goal isto share your information online or in print you'll need to get going sohow do you start

by in large the most has question we getfrom potential family history writers is this one how do i start how do i stop researching and startwriting it might seem obvious first step in organizing your work check any kindof publication is so important that it bears mentioning you've got to shift mental gears and bybad i mean you need to stop thinking about yourfamily history is a research project and begin thinking about it is apublication something that has a

beginning a middle ends now's the time to thinkabout how to change some other disparate elements notes files photosand documents into something else and once you'vedecided to do a family history what are your goals for it who do youwant it to be four how quickly do you wanna get it donethose are two key questions to consider who's your audience your immediatefamily your extended family maybe even thegenealogical community do you have an elderly relative whowould enjoy reading about a particular

aspect of your family history where do you wanna record a familyhistory is a present your children our grandchildren as you think aboutyour audience and what kind of content is appropriatefor your readers the scope and format it your work willbegin to take shape in your mind also take a look at a calendar what are your goals for their if youwanna do something for the holidays you'll need to organize and get going right now deciding what format you wantto use

and how long it will take to create theactual publication once you begin be realistic here plan your scopeaccordingly and don't bite off more than you canchew next take a look at what you have onhand not only dat up stories and photos and maps and so onhow does all that material both print newelectronics fit into your goals what's appropriate for your audience andwhat can fit into your time frame when you look at your materials you'lllikely have a mix sprint items and electronic items somein paper folder some on your computer

some online web sites records familygroup sheets photos image scans et cetera et cetera et cetera gather at all and see how it balancesout and matches up with your calls for thisproject as you assemble everything you may seethat the balanced materials is lopsided maybe a too much of one thing and chilllittle another so you might decide you need to obtainadditional information this might prove a problem if you'retrying to produce something for the this year but if you're not why not takethe holiday time with family

to try to obtain more information maybeyou wanna hear my family stories and memories or maybe you just need to nail down thespecific birthdate and birthplace of your siblings most recent grandchild it's so you can consider giving aresending your relatives a questionnaire to complete wereinterviewing them by phone or in person in here i wanna send you to our onlinelearning center where you can download a questionnaire to send to family members and they're also you can find a list ofconversation starting questions for

interviews of course you can also solicit familymembers for photos they might have and you can find photos maps in otherrelevant images in all books historical societiesin other reports a choice and in the photo research we've done forour publications we certainly found many things on our own library shelves inarchives but we also do a lot of online imageresearch at the library of congress is a greatsource for free historical images and maps

and sometimes you can find both historicimages in modern-day photos avensis relocations wikimedia commons even just do a google image search arebeing image search and those can prove quite truthful sotake a look at all your materials and think about how these items fit intothe kind of project you're considering and if you're not quite sure what you'rethinking of well looking at other publications canbe a great source of inspiration browse the family histories your publiclibrary come in here too nehe sm mccann ourcollection

orvis at another institution you'll seea number of formats and models to follow some articles in magazines and journalstoo short little photocopied works too lengthy hardcover cheney archie'sdon't set your heart on finding one perfect model because you might not find an absolutefit however you should be able to findsomething that inspires you in terms of its scope presentation andreduce time and here's another chip you don't have to share everything atonce

you can start out with something like amemoir photo album are even a book a familyrecipes with biographical information about each cook that's a good way to get your childin the water and get yourself started you can then do a longer work later again think about your goals here audience your time frame what youhave on hand still say you don't have a chance to getto a library within the next few weeks to look at some model publications

let's look at some right here and maybethat will help you come up with some ideas will look first at some online optionsand then churned attention to print whether what you create shorter long i'mliner imprint it's important in now thatyou're recording and publishing your family streak and matt is really really a good thing to do in terms of onlineoptions you might wanna start a blog or awebsite on which you discuss your family

history it's fairly easy to set one up this willsee in a minute a challenge is maintaining unlike printprojects which have a beginning a middle and an end blog andwebsite posts can have a tendency to just kind of keep going but if you keep your post short andfocused like we do with our any hgs flood the topreface for which we have a 400 word limit perpost you can get kit good practice writingfocused family stories

the one shown here on the left by mycolleague sam sturgis is just such a focus story on asuspicious first cousin if you haven't read it i recommend thatyou look at the vita brothers blog at me to breakfast at work andnouns check out that post and all the othersthere now i recently decided to strike tostart a blog myself and i churchward press start com it's afairly straightforward process to get started by picking a name and then adding text in images and it'sfree you can choose from a number of

different templates depending on whatkinda text and images you want to incorporatei picked a pretty simple one issue see here looking at my first only post so far and then here you can see the word pressdashboard other blogging sites are set upsimilarly an offer a fair amount of him holdinghis you get yourself setup an issue make your posts if you'reinterested in sharing in order to elicit comments back from family members andothers a blog might be

one very good options you and you can doa pre project at the same time it's also a fairly easy matter to set upa website where you collect and share information about your family history i wanted to see without work to like soi went to google and set up a site there that's one ofthe many different places that you can go and setup to 36 website so you can see adjusted somebasic stuff put in some text added a photo andhere's where you at it and write new material for a site

on google it looks a lot like a lot likeword processing program so it's pretty intuitive to use now i haven't chosen to make this site public because in fact i can choose toshare it only with people whom i invite i can make itcompletely public all sell if i choose now i wanna planout this cool site which is called treeline stock com tree lines callsitself a collaborative story centric family tree web site it allows you to post for free a familystory with photos

you enter some basic family data into atree and then begin typing a specific storythe story here is called my dad in five questions and its 10their editor's choice on that website i just particularly love this one it was puttogether by a woman who was inspired by her son's first grade project she gets the question from theassignments her son's answer and then around and she tells the wholestory in only six different pages then

down at the bottom you see on the timeline that's created entry lines automatically doesthat issue ed information about specific familymembers you can share stories on any number of social media sites forgenealogy peace platforms on facebook for example you can set up apage focus just on your family and then invite others to join on wikitree and other free sites you can post information about your family thatothers can search for and comment on one of my distantcousin's set up this wiki tree from my maternal grandparents families

in its proved to be a great way for thetwo of us share photos and information as much fun as it is to set up in viewthese online vehicles for sharing family and as helpful as they can be forsoliciting more information they're not in cramped self i can say itone more time i urge you even if you create an onlinefamily history project of some kind also to consider train project onlineprojects only stay there as long as you orsomeone else maintains the site where the blog where the page cell let'slook at some various print possibilities all different ways to display and shareyour family history

this little family history book acrossmy desk earlier this year and it's become one ofmy absolute favorite examples and ec bite-size family history that youcan produce a home it's only 70 pages long and it coversjust a limited number of generations so there'sno extensive presentation genealogy everything is narrative text the authorinterviewed family members and incorporated their stories and sheeven put in some favorite recipe it's full of photos and it also includesancestral charts which she exported from family treemaker she used microsoft publisher for

writing in page layout and she credited at home i'm goodquality paper three-hole punched it and tied up with a ribbon its brief it's written in a conversational thomasall ages can understand and in fact that was one of her goals tomake it easily readable by the children in the family and it's really attractive and there's acompanion version focused on her other grandparents with ared ribbon simply take a peek inside

we can see how the author incorporatedphotos and boxed inserts she dressed up the pages a bit withfancy typography but really the pages are fairly simple in appearance here's another example ifa hometown project the authors found his father's five-yeardiary transcribed it and edit photosannotations and a genealogy and their stranded inchula mid 20th century family history now i don't know what word processingprogram the author used but there's nothing fancy looking hereso i'm guessing it was microsoft word

wordperfect are something else prettystraightforward the booklet was spiral a calm down so the author likely took itto a local copy shop for reproduction a great way to approachhim bring diaries and letters and here's another little book that recently arrived in my office it has anintriguing title about a bigamist bigamist in the bunchits only thirty pages long this little bookand it presents just one anecdote from the family's history

it has some but not many illustrationsand certainly the author could have chosen to present much more at herancestry but by limiting her project this story and the surrounding genealogy she spitnothing nice peace she could quickly turn into apublication it's six by nine in format compound paperback and i have to say i wassurprised to see how short list because until i saw

i didn't know that you could put apaperback binding on so few pages but chance at you can and since theni've met with the printer who said you can do even fewer cellsthere you go the author worked with the publishing service to create the bookbut she could have just as easily created it using microsoft word another word processing program createda pdf and then printed it at a localcommercial printer or use an online service such as iuniverse lulu create space are others in a peek insidethis book

shows us pages narrative on the left and a pager genealogy right now fifty can an ancestral journey that something you can write up inarticle book later book form one of our members created this shortbut to showcase an ancestral journey she check with other family members to texas like the previous examples covers alimited number generations it has historical photos and photos fromthe trip as well as family charts family memberswork together to assemble the book

and they had it printed in hardcover bysmugmug which is one of the many online photo sharing and trainingservices that have popped up in recent years in speaking of that kind of printing another option is a photo based familyhistory and if you have many family photos thisis a great way to organize them into this a story and have a gift to give familymembers this one for instance on top showsfamily weddings

over a 15-year period online vendors like smugmug shutterflywhich swept the author of this book used make the creation of a book just about accs be its almost easier than placing aphoto in a traditional album now because these folks are photo basedthere's limited space for text you can order a single copy receive itin a week or ten days and then decide whether to make anychanges before you order anymore one of my colleagues to stand a seriesof other books over the past few years organizing a lot of his family photosthematically

and the show interior pages from acouple of them so you can see their differentbackgrounds available in different templates again making one or more books like thisis a great way to share photos with and they make great gifts now variation on the photobook is evenshorter calendar with family photos andannotations have ancestral birth and wedding takes the person who created this calendardoes one every year

it's a great way to collect basicinformation and make it available to your familylooking inside that calendar we can see that there's ap photo at thetop of the page topless hangs on the wall and then thebottom in the actual calendar squares you see data about ancestors as los currentfamily members and i've done a little detail there toshow you what that looks like close-up very coolway to disseminate information about your family

it's also pretty easy to create a chartfrom your family information maybe in all my ancestors stanchart suchas the one shown to the left here or more focused chart showing only somegenerations the family the one in the backgroundhere looks really fancy but it was actuallydone at home by someone using microsoft publisher you can export a chart from family treemaker or other genealogical software that youmight years you can purchase plan chart onlineincluding from our store

an american ancestors toddler and thenyou can complete them by hand or you can buy a plan chart scan it open it on your computer and at the names in microsoft word publisherour layout programs such as adobe indesign then i also want to mention nehe essence research servicesdepartment will create charts for you for st. and their other paid services you canuse

as well such is one called family chargemasters now a magazine or journal article isn'texactly a holiday gift but i wanna mention this format is atype a short family history our magazine americanancestors and other genealogical magazinespublished fri family histories as well as stories have journeys andartifacts and other angles and genealogy the register andother journals publish articles about single family lines

focusing on problem solving newdiscoveries and so on now a number for periodical authorswrite this article says they're working on longer works and that might be thecase for you all sell some don't sometimes this isall they do cell just like you would look atpublished books for inspiration look at different periodical and seewhat kinds of articles they publish look for some inspirationthere you can find information about mission at the relevant website andsometimes within the periodical xl of now of course some love you areconsidering even longer projects than

the ones i've mentioned so far in this presentation i'm not going to gointo great detail about lengthier books is our focus heretoday isn't sharing but you can extrapolate and sharingspecifically with the holidays but i hope you can extrapolate from whatwe're discussing here today and also look at the many many othermaterials that are available at american ancestors stock a large andelse where if shifted mental gears and you thoughtabout your goals here audience in your time frame in assembled your materials

you know what you've got to work withyou've seen lots have examples both online and in print now it's timeto think about the scope avi your project bear in mind that your patch it maybecome unwieldy if you try to take on too much so you need to decide what kind ofpublication you want to create you wanna write about one particularancestor or one line for a few generations do youwanna this your direct line ancestors for certain number

generations if you wanna jewel photobookwhat will the topic p if a chart what tight and how manygenerations it's time to make an outline and come upwith a title now your outline might be as simple asthis one this is one a use for a little booklet icreated for my stepmother several years ago it was just a bare bones list of herancestors going back ten generations a tight endup in microsoft word an added maps at the back which idownloaded from the internet

this outline told me exactly what i wasgoing to cover and helped me keep on track title saysvery specific he what the focus this little bookletless now here's the outline a that informalhistory with the green ribbon it shows that it's based on chill peoplechristine allen who are the authors maternal grandparents and you can see here that she's limitedherself to discussion if christine allen their parents and then generaldiscussion here ancestry but very specific families not all theirancestors

she names specific family shell cover again she was keeping herself and track now here's the beginning seven outlinefor a family calendar flooding out what photos should be usedfor each month the important point is here outline is a benchmark to return she wasyou right and or create your project in the face lots of data photos and other potential material to workwith it will keep you focused and on track

and at the same time you create anoutline if you're going to use a lot of images consider creating an art blog to helpyou organize which photos you'll use thing covered is the counterpart ifyou're out mine your love doesn't have to be as detailed as this one of course but at a minimum you should probablyless a file name and a potential caption and while we're talking about gathering yourmaterials in creating an outline it a good time to mention some basicsphoto scanning

ultimately you'll need to get your photocentral electronic slimy one very important thing to remember when you're scanning is that they needto be at a proper resolution sir trent and that's a minimum setting of300 dpi that is scott strange sometimes it'scalled pixels per inch ppi also for bestreproduction save your images in either shape eg or shift format if you don't have a scanner at home youcan take your photos to a local copy shop

our choice staples other of the storeand have it on air or do it yourself there skins alsofairly affordable so you might consider purchasing onetrade issues if you don't have one already so you'vegot your ideas you've got an outline now you just need to put your fingers onthe keys get calling you can use microsoft word are some other word processing programif you're creating something the shutterfly smugmug another online vendor you can typedirectly into that site on the internet

or create your material separately andthen paste it in the air you might not be including genealogicalinformation in any formalized way in your family history but if you are you should becomefamiliar with the two basic in a logical formats the first one is called register style ascendancy format its call to registerstyle because it was developed by any kiosks in 1874 the register it hasproved to be ahh useful and highly efficient way toorganize and present

genealogical information in writing evenafter more than a hundred years it's still works great in registerformat you begin in the past often but not always with the immigrantsto america and move forward choose the presenttracing some all of the descendants have one ancestoreach main person has no identification number and you get the full name ennis muchvital data as possible about that person and his or her spouseand children the second basic genealogical firemen isthe

on anti-social which is german forancestor table unlike register style the on in toughalgos backward in time going from present topast usually it includes every known ancestornot just a single line the on in tough has a very precisenumber ring system it's beyond the scope of this weaponaction going to any more depth that these two formats but for more information this at ouronline learning center and near on a page dedicated to writingand publishing your family history

you can see a previously recordedwebinar on that topic and also obtain additional informationyou can also consult any number of publications on the topicincluding our own new guide to genealogical writing which i co authored with henry hoffeditor at the register it's available at american ancestors org slash store now some of you might have your informationand genealogical software programs such as family tree maker

or roots magic or reunion or some otherprogram and if you were here for an in personseminar i'd be asking you to raise your hands about that so i wish i could see you all if you do it's a fairly easy matter to export whatyou have in a format that you can open in wordare another word processing program for editing ensure their formatting cell for example let's look at how did youget and family tree maker export you go to publish in the top menu

and then you select genealogy reports and then pick either on in tough for ordescendant report the two formats i just mentioned nowwith most genealogy software programs you can do this selecting which of the two formats youwant an a side note this can be a great wayto determine just how much material you have to work with if you find that the exported report hasa thousand pages well at really tells you somethingthat's not what you'll be sharing for

the holiday case at least not in 2014 now here's what that exported on in top form report lookslike from family tree maker i saved it in rich text format in openedit in word at any age yes we're not big fans havesimply exporting and training in this example shows you why theprogram spits out what you ventured in if you've been inconsistent enteringyour data over a period of years you couldn't get inconsistent right backat you here to you can see there's a lot ofextraneous information

that i'm gonna one eliminate and sell i decided i was going to openness inward reformat it and edit it and that's whati've done here a change the font i edited the textmaker read like i wanted to and i added cell and its kinda looking pretty nice i also triedbringing it into microsoft publisher i've made the fun said that fans hereput in a swirly dingbat an added a different photo icould just as easily have make the same formatting changes slip inmicrosoft word

now one thing i just wanna i'm stickinghere is a comment that publisher doesn't support footnote ilevitra page latitude great program to have at home but there's no function that allows youto insert a footnote and have it appear automatically the bottom of the pagelike word as in other word processing program still so if you use it for a family history inwhich you have reference notes an you're gonna have to do somethingdifferent workaround or use a different program

so let's look back again at family treemaker and look again at that publish menu someone to show you this is where you can pick a chartexport so i've chosen something called familytree chart and when i click that here's what i get again i'm showing you a lot of familytree maker which happens to be where i have sum up my genealogical data but other genealogical programs workssimilarly now here's an interesting plugin thatyou can purchase for family tree maker

called family book creator if you purchase and download this pieceof software you can then export are some otherfamily tree maker's file inch rich text format in here you cansee the path for doing so you go to tools and export and then when i do that i almost it's not me get a report that looks likethis which is certainly more fancy than the standard export from family tree maker the chartsare automatically created inserted

the wording comes out a little bit moresmoothly on this i've arm exported an register style format not in on andtougher format which is why this looks a little different from what i showed you earlier armed family book creator documentationsuggest that you not make any changes to the file in word but in said go back andmake all the changes and family tree makerstill i'd be likely to open the rtf file inword

and adjust font attacks and make otheradjustments before creating a pdf in deciding how toprint my project now of course you can also write fromscratch just sitting down in hammering out yourtext in your favorite word processing program this is actually with i prefer to do andthat's what my genealogists colleagues at nehe osprey for details here's anexample now debt transcribed i reassured youearlier that really inspired me my husband happens to have arm inheritedsome civil war and post-civil war

letters from his great-grandmother i transcribed those letters severalyears ago each as a separate document and now i'm pulling them together into asingle microsoft word document adding images and adding annotations now this won't be ready for christmas thisyear although i really focused on it it really could be maybe i'll have it she for my husband'sbirthday in the spring so that's my new goal and if you'remaking a photo book calendar it's fairly easy to use shutterflysmugmug

another online service you can rate yourcopy directly online in text boxes that those services makeavailable i happen to make a small calendarsfamily photos feature from my sister in here you can see a work in processwhen choosing the font and color for the captions for the photos on this page i can type my text directly into thisbox right here a chose a template for three photosallowing me to pick the best shapes for the photos that i've chosen for thisparticular month and you see them in what they've beenthey're almost alive on the page

and then you can determine if you when achange to a different template and then over here you can see there areall these different backgrounds you can choose i'm now that earlier camera showed you also inspired me and you can see why i'mnot gonna finish that book from my husband for christmas because i'm going off in this directionto i am so i decided to try mix up makingsomething like that other calendar in here's my first attempt at that sideadded here the birth data

for my great-grandfather along with hisphoto on his birthday in the calendar it'spretty easy to do and you can see down here all the otherphotos that i've uploaded this is a shutterfly am other i'veuploaded and i can just click on dragon right inand what if you do wanna make a photo book it works much the same way allowing youto select templates drag and drop photos and entertext now here i decided to try starting offphotobook pacing in

summer those 1870s letters i have frommy husband's family so just fit all this taxed turned out i had to go to customize pagebecause the standard templates wouldn't allow it and i'm getting an exclamation pointbecause a father potential misspelling channel lettersnow if you have a photo that's to lowerresolution for print you also get an exclamation point need at shutterfly so i also want to mention

i did all the writing in microsoft wordand then cut and pasted from there into this program now but if you've got a brick wall are somemissing information police don't let it stop you fromcreating your family history if you're undertaking a long-termproject flag that missing information forfurther attention but to keep going with everything else ifyou wanna do something now go ahead and if appropriate just mentionthat there's information that hasn't yet been determined

there's so much more that you do have onhand and that your family will be interestedin knowing about how cell you've put everything together and if you're going to print you need todecide how certainly you can print somethinginformally at home may be purchasing some nice high qualitypaper likely sign a few examples earlier youcan take your materials to a local copy shop or upload them you can go to a commercial printer maybeone that's a local and maybe one that's

more distant and upload your files there you can usean online service such as lulu dot com create space i universe others which will print foryou and now also offer you additionalservices cover design services editorial services and so on if you'redoing a photo book their shutterfly smugmug snapfish blurbmy publisher any number of them if you're notcomfortable finalizing your project yourself

you can work with the publishing serviceand they're more than several that specialize in family historiesgenealogies and memoirs finally publisher project whether informally bycreating something online printing at home or at a coffee shop orby actually working with the publisher publishers service then you can sharewith your family and celebrate being an otter again iwant to mention are writing and publishing subject guide founded our online learning center andplease use this

online learning center for other topicswe have their it a great great resource here atamerican ancestors talkalakh we update the writing and publishingpages week %uh become aware of additional informationand services that can be helpful to family historianslike you in here i want to mention again our newbook guide to genealogical writing it covers some of the topics arediscussed today and many more and for those have you aredoing longer-term studies um longer genealogies in book form

this is where you'll find reallyin-depth information about building genealogical sketches and all the steps you need to go throughfor writing and publishing your family in addition we published reportable genealogists which a shortfour-page laminated publications three-hole punch to go on a binder andknows focus on different aspects of genealogicalwriting one is on building a sketch oneness i'm numbering explains thenumbering of both register styling on entitles inone is an editorial style sheet geared

toward kinds of things you come up with ingenealogy all these publications and more are available in our online store atamerican ancestors stock okay just a quick review before we openit up to questions the first step toward reading yourfamily histories to make that shift mental jeers necessary to thinking aboutyour project is publication not as just open-endedresearch what are your goals who are you planningto share it with

when you wanna have it done whatmaterials to you had asked look at other publications as models what inspires you with all that in mind determine your format informal brieffamily history along genealogical study photo bookcalendar chart syriza blog entries then defineyour skull makin outlined and if appropriate andour clock then right sounds easy right now but you do need to take that step youmight want to export engine a logical

software or like me you wanna write some scratchfinely decide how your prints and then publish and chair sharing your family history especiallyin writing is one of the most important legacies you can leave the combinationeasily usable software an affordable training makes it so much easier than itwas even twenty-five years ago no matter what piece you decide to do your family history well what format youchoose

it is a valid study an important forposterity so whether you're new to family historyhere have been researching it for many it's highly likely that no one elseknows your family history as well as you do i'm so happy you've attended thiswebinar today because it means you're going to recordit by writing it down i wish you the best issue undertake yourspecific project and i look forward to hearing about whatyou've done and i hope i see it and hold it in my handssometime in the future

think you penny for your wonderfulpresentation %uh so now let's tackle your questionsif you have anything you'd like to ask penny please go ahead and type in the questions panel andchill answers many she can in the time provided and so penny here's a question from alan who asks should be short books have citations well that's a very good question and iwas actually thinking about that this

morning that my way into the office on we talk a lot in our writing andpublishing some inner seminars about the importance ofcitations in the importance %uh doing the citations as you write buta think if you're thinking about puttingtogether something inform all as a gift for your family you reallyneed to bear in mind who your audience is so if you're doingsomething informal that you're going to print out at home in hand over you might wanna list yoursources that in

informal way for instance that greenrevenge book i showed you had just a list of sources at the endand it just said something like i'm i consulted censuses fam 1850 through nineteen twenty and other documents said ancestry dot com ifyou're doing something that will ultimately make its way to any kind ofgenealogical be pasta tory then you definitely need to havesome kind of citations cell i hope that answers your question feel free to email me at publications itin each year stockwork

if you want for their advice on thatpoint alright and elizabeth asks should books have acopyright on it was a it would be interesting to know exactlywhat kinda book your talking about if you're going to printand distribute it and put it in a library at least put acopyright notice on it and even if you don't officially register it with the us copyright office dad just by putting that notice on ityou're indicating that this is yours

so you can just put copyright c in acircle elizabeth blank whatever your name is and that date arm so again it depends on who you're audiences if you're handing it out tofamily members you should be fine without it but ifit's going to make its way beyond your immediate family protectyourself in that way and if you wanna registered with thecopyright office know that year go to the us copyright office websiteand read up on that you would probably need to send them

a form send them some money and sendthem a copy of the work if you're working with the publisher thepublisher will handle that for you i am okay and renai asks and in regards to blog sites is it easyto kind of copy and paste something that you've created in another program is iti mean is it easy to just kind of copy something that you've written wordor a mac word processing program and just bring it into your blog yes i am any blog posts i've written sharpyto preface block everything up in word

largely because we have that 400 wordlimit and where gives me a nice little clue at the bottom of the page in tellsme how many words i met so when they get to600 i know i have to cut on that thing a bit is if you're to secure copying and pasting something that's formatting genealogicalformat so that particularly person registerstyle with all the various in dense those in dense aren't necessarily going tohold and i have to tell you i don't have

experience yet with copying and pasting that kind ofinformation into word press are any if those interface cell um i'll have to check onnow with some people i know who do thatkinda blogging and see how they get around that but generally any kind of anything you type up in word anotherprogram you can copy and paste you sometimes youlose them arm

the paragraph returns in between and youhave to add though since a kiss keep an eye on things when you do your pacing okay and judy asks and so when you have an ancestor who isprobable but not necessarily proven and how would you purchase a that in achart or i'm within your writing and so you think this is your ancestorwilling braiding if you're rating a regular where the a short familyhistory or something published in a book

you would you could approach that one of two ways: and you could list the person is an ancestorand then have a footnote in which you strongly indicate that thisyear's a supposition for a theory but not true said in a chart i guess you could do thesame thing on i probably would not put a questionmark in a track is typically a question mark just three first two not being certain of their name for thespelling of the name

so i guess even with the chart i'd wannahave some kind of nalut an if you're creating the chart yourselfyou could have some kind device for that maybe by having a putting it in a slightly differentcolor to indicate that there are some questionnaire or partying at dashed line around thename or something like that and then have a key that indicates this supposition but youdefinitely need to save that am if you're writing you could alsochoose

not to mention that ancestor at all in the main part of your text but whereever relevant in any notes arm indicate that there's asupposition about that in some i'm trying to think like if u heat raceyourself to um certain person but you're not surewhere it goes beyond that when at the place where you're certain on indicate we don't know who thisperson say father was we think it was this person's covered inthat person's area and don't right a specific partabout the person you're not sure about

so it sort of depends on your level ilove arm comfort with the supposition alright and kathleen asks and have you ever use map-based platformsuch as google earth to present family history data and whatare your thoughts on the news haven't used google earth that someonerecently mentioned it to me in i would love to know more about how todo that i'm i know that more and more capabilitiesare becoming possible and on cheap anybody finds outabout it please let me know what you

discover height something that will have toinvestigate here typically what we've ended up doing itis on for some of our publications is downloading historic maps from theright era and then go and bringing them into photoshop for another program and addinga circle to play where the place is but i think they'reprobably some very interesting things you can do now that we justhappen we haven't tried yet

so thanks for asking the question let meknow what you find out if anybody else knows let me know okay and in lane asks and can you offer tips forgetting other people to respond towhat you write are you talking about family members and getting them to be engaged in yourwork because one thing we hear from a lot of people is i get my family all this stuff and theydon't seem interested

so i'm not sure how to help with thatbut if your trucking about using online platforms and gettingpeople to respond arm i'm gonna go with that because i'mguessing that's what you mean arm i think you can try a coupledifferent things one is stu make your blog or your website as publicas possible an the other thing is shooting email everybody you know chu let them knowthat it's there any family members encouraged them toemail

other people you can put informationabout them at various cheney a logical web sites you can go to choose are enough thingslike chance for term and so on and a posts comments there too indicate topeople that these materials are available and you'relooking for input and feedback certainly create afacebook page set something we've done for some of our newbury street christian theologies wehave a facebook page called

descendants love a judge john lowe that we set up to encourage people onfacebook to come in and give us their familyinformation cell i'm not quite sure if that's whatyou were going for with your question so let me know at publications at any hts top work ifthere's another ankle that i'm not quite getting chewedthere alright enamel just one last questionbefore we wrap up for today and alan asks does any chance have

editor services as we do with research you know we john lynch and legion not offer publishing services forhire we get a lot of requests to do so and wewish we we wish we could handle all thoserequests that we don't have the staff or at but i can make a couple recommendationsfor you arm there a couple organizations bad you can contact an

one is called the editorial freelancersassociation and i think you can find that in a subject guide at the onlinelearning center arm that's an organization %uh freelance editors indexers and others and you can search for particular specialty and then find out in and then find out who can do that an another thing is %uh the

association a professional genealogist which is ap gender org and some of thosepeople offer writing editing and publicationshelp and then in addition although we don't do the editorialservices for higher ourselves one important thing i can tellyou is we do offer consultations so you can sign up through american ancestors .org for apeak consultation with one of our the members of ourpublications team i or someone else on our staff for halfan hour or an hour or more

and we can try to talk you about someother issues that you might have that's not enough time for us to look atyour material and actually go through and edit yourmanuscript ourselves but we can certainly give you overallgeneral editorial ice so i hope that helps answer yourquestion hurry well thank you everyone for yourquestions if you'd like i hands-on help with your project orhave more detailed questions about the specifics of your research and you may wanna consider consultingand

penny or someone from our publicationscheme is she just mentioned or hiring our research services team i'm if you're interested in learningmore about the services you can write to the email addresses on the current slide also include this information in myfollow-up email to you tomorrow to thank you againfor joining us today as you leave the event will have the opportunity to fillout a survey and give us your feedback as we continue to expand our webinars anonline of trains any and all feedback is extremelyhelpful and appreciated

be sure to explore our website americanancestors .org which offers access to millions of recordscovering you england new york and beyond and if you're everin the boston area feel free to stop by our researchlibrarian archives were opened to the public and while the vast collection ofpublished genealogies biographies local histories microfilms manuscripts and more if you'd like to access morehow to restore scissor learn about upcoming

online educational programs please visitour

ed information

online learning center americanancestors .org slash learning hyphen center i hope tosee you at our online programs in the future goodbye for now

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