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remedies for erectile dysfunction

welcome to health care at home in the previous episode we were talking about "how to reduce tummy fat" i had shared lots of consequesnes of tummy fat if you have tummy fat , it can cause cholesterol, heart blockage and inability in breathing. so let's talk about how to lose tummy fat and also about prevention from all these diseases.

remedies for erectile dysfunction, distilled cow urine if you'll consume 20 ml of distilled cow urine and 20 ml water with empty stomach in the morning use this twice a day also ( in evening) add 20 ml water in 20 ml distilled cow urine & if you'll consume this

its is highly helpful to reduce your tummy fat if you'll follow this remedy for continuous 5-6 months, you'll have noticeable reduction of tummy fat. this will not only lose the tummy fat but it also controls the high cholesterol if any. it works really wonders in heart blockage. its also very much beneficial for you liver, if its not working properly. it also keeps your kidney fit, if its not working properly. obese people usually has deficiency of calcium & joint pain. it suffice the deficiency of calcium. if you'll this remedy for 5-6 months, you'll find a new change in your body.

apart from this you have to take low-carb diet. it means you have to minimise the usage of grains. you have to consume vegetables at least 4 times extra than you consume grains. consume eatable which are high in water content. for example- eat watermelon. eat cucumber, they has least amount of fat but high in water content and minerals these ingredients fills your stomach, they are high in fibre. so this way you'll feel filled but without eating fat. it doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat pulses, cottage cheese etc. why because proteins are essential for the growth of your body. eat minimum quantity of pulse, low fat cottage cheese & also you can use sprouted split green gram/

soak the split green grams for overnight or 24 hours. tie it into a cloth it will be sprouted. use this sprouted green gram as in it provides the sufficient amount of proteins with least amount of fat. so you must start consuming this. let me tell you one more remedy. soak 1 tbsp cumin seed in 1 glass of water for overnight. next day smash the cumin seeds with your hand after that let it boil well for about 15 mins on the low flame. once it got its first boil, let it boil for 15 min on low flame. then sieve this and consume this hot water.

follow this remedy for 3 months, you'll see that the fat has started melting. apart from this , you can do one more thing to lose tummy fat. often it says that mango is the king of all fruits but i would say gooseberry is the king of all the fruits. its king of all fruits because of its health benefits if you consume gooseberry on regular basis this reduce the tummy fat very fast & its also very much beneficial for all your body parts. although its a seasonal fruit, so whenever you got this make its paste take a spoon of it and swallow it with warm water. eat 2 tsp of gooseberry paste 2 times in a day and you'll notice find amazing health change in your entire body.

but when this fruit is not available in the season then you can buy gooseberry juice from the market. take 30 ml gooseberry juice add some lukewarm water in it if you are taking distilled cow urine then after 30 mins you have to take gooseberry juice with warm water this will not only lose your tummy fat often people suffers from joint pain, slip disk, liver related disorders it will cure all these problems. obesity is not a disease rather its an invitation to many other diseases. to cure these diseases you can use aloe vera juice along with warm water if you'll take 30 ml aloe vera juice after taking gooseberry juice with warm water

this will reduce your weight and you'll also feel a new energy in your body. problems like acidity, skin related problem will be cured gradually. so you must start consuming gooseberry & aloe vera juice. walking is also essential for you. you can walk slowly but you must walk twice a day for at least 20 mins. i often say that we shouldn't eat not very spicy food. but from the recent researches we came to know that consuming chillies is beneficial in weight loss. how? that i'll share in the next episode along with some amazing home remedies. presently our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.

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remedies for erectile dysfunction

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