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viagra vs cialis

hello, i am dr. david k jayne, a family physicianserving the greater oklahoma city area. today's question comes from mark: i've tried viagra,and i didn't get the results i want. what's going on? well mark, there are three reasonswhy it may not be giving you the response you are seeking. the first is, you may havesome fairly extensive blockages in your blood vessels, which won't allow the viagra to work.second, you may be having some issues in your

viagra vs cialis, relationship, or increased stress in yourlife causing problem that won't respond to viagra either. third, you may have a verylow testosterone level, and until you address that issue, the viagra may not help. symptomsof low testosterone include fatigue, irritability,

viagra vs cialis

erectile dysfunction, loss of interest insex, weight gain, and even depression. if

you think that you have any of these symptoms,i am happy to meet with you and discuss options for treatment. if you have a question to submit,please go to, ask a doctor, and we will evaluate your question for ournext segment.

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viagra natural

viagra is a powerful drug for men,that isutilized to increase sexual function and performance. not many people know the secret, that it canalso be made at home by just taking watermelon and lemon. this homemade viagra is safe and potent forpeople of all ages and genders. cut the watermelon into small pieces and putthe pieces into a juicer.

viagra natural, you should obtain about one liter of watermelonjuice. the white stuff inside the shell of watermelonis also very high in concentrated citrulline and should not be wasted and need to be juiced. pour the juice into a pot. leave it to boilfor a few minutes then squeeze the lemon juice

into the pot. mix it well with the boiling watermelon juice. you should continue boiling until most ofthe liquid evaporate and the content in the pot reduce to about half.

viagra natural

leave it to cool down for about an hour orso. after that, you should take this drink onan empty stomach, early in the morning and before dinner and anywhere between 2 tablespoonsto 1/3 of the cup. this depends on the body weight and size.

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sex enhancement pills

this objective review of vimax pills is intendedto help you make an informed choice of male sexual enhancement supplements and it's providedby impress! the strongest male sexual enhancement pillwith 1600 mg of highly standardized, branded bioactives. first, the supplied info on vimax pills showsit's a long-term program. you're taking pills every

sex enhancement pills, single day. you "may" notice increased sexual desire andstamina in weeks 1-4. a month before you "may" see any results??? vimax doesn't even claim to have you at yourfull potential until at least 9 weeks.

impress! allows "flexible dosing." you take it when you want. impress! is the strongest natural male sexualenhancement pill that's safe enough to take every day, but you may take it only on thedays you choose. next, look at how vimax pills lures you inwith a "free trial offer". to get their "free" 15 capsules, you mustenroll in their automatic monthly payment plan that starts before you've even had timeto finish the trial! your credit card is billed $74.95 a monthunless you call to cancel which means an overseas customer service number that is a giant pain.

however, if you just skip the trial offer,and purchase one bottle of vimax, it costs $59.95. so why does the "vimax free trial offer" chargeyou nearly $75 per bottle? shouldn't it cost you less to enroll in their"program"? you can try out a package of impress! forabout ten bucks and there's never a recurring purchase plan. you won't be baited with words like "freetrial". you get the strongest male enhancement pilland no long-term commitment. now, think about how much ingredient you aregetting and what's the stuff even worth?

here, you can see it takes nearly 6 servingsof vimax pills to equal one serving of impress! vimax ingredient weight is the lowest of anyinternet brand we tested and here you can see the estimated amount they spend on vimax'sgeneric ingredients- barely registers. cheap stuff to cost $74.95. vimax also claims to be backed by one of theworld's best urologists-dr. mario dumitrascu. after we researched, we found no trace ofdr. dumitrascu being a real doctor in the us or canada! the romanian diploma they display by his "testimonial"doesn't even have a name on it! sound suspicious?

it should. impress! dietary supplement for men will notlie to impress you or tout the backing of a made-up doctor. the facts are impress! is comprised of brandname bioactives from world leading companies like natreon, sabinsa, and naturex who produceonly the best quality, high-potency ingredients- assembled and tested in the usa and developedby real scientists, with documented studies on their support of male sexual health. most importantly.... are these products safe? impess! is strong, featuring only ingredientswith the best safety profiles and rock-solid

documentation. only us-based pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing,and multiple layers independent testing will impress!. compare this to the vimax pills, with a fdarecall history. bottom line... you should know exactly what you are puttinginto your body. your supplements should be backed up withreal facts so that you can make an informed decision. do you want the top male enhancement pillor just an expensive, heavily advertised product

you're going to have to take every day ofyour life? supplement alert is brought to you by impress!dietary supplement for men.

sex enhancement pills

the strongest male enhancement pill with 1600mg of highly standardized, branded bioactives- on sale now. learn more at and please subscribe and follow us on social.

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remedies for erectile dysfunction

welcome to health care at home in the previous episode we were talking about "how to reduce tummy fat" i had shared lots of consequesnes of tummy fat if you have tummy fat , it can cause cholesterol, heart blockage and inability in breathing. so let's talk about how to lose tummy fat and also about prevention from all these diseases.

remedies for erectile dysfunction, distilled cow urine if you'll consume 20 ml of distilled cow urine and 20 ml water with empty stomach in the morning use this twice a day also ( in evening) add 20 ml water in 20 ml distilled cow urine & if you'll consume this

its is highly helpful to reduce your tummy fat if you'll follow this remedy for continuous 5-6 months, you'll have noticeable reduction of tummy fat. this will not only lose the tummy fat but it also controls the high cholesterol if any. it works really wonders in heart blockage. its also very much beneficial for you liver, if its not working properly. it also keeps your kidney fit, if its not working properly. obese people usually has deficiency of calcium & joint pain. it suffice the deficiency of calcium. if you'll this remedy for 5-6 months, you'll find a new change in your body.

apart from this you have to take low-carb diet. it means you have to minimise the usage of grains. you have to consume vegetables at least 4 times extra than you consume grains. consume eatable which are high in water content. for example- eat watermelon. eat cucumber, they has least amount of fat but high in water content and minerals these ingredients fills your stomach, they are high in fibre. so this way you'll feel filled but without eating fat. it doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat pulses, cottage cheese etc. why because proteins are essential for the growth of your body. eat minimum quantity of pulse, low fat cottage cheese & also you can use sprouted split green gram/

soak the split green grams for overnight or 24 hours. tie it into a cloth it will be sprouted. use this sprouted green gram as in it provides the sufficient amount of proteins with least amount of fat. so you must start consuming this. let me tell you one more remedy. soak 1 tbsp cumin seed in 1 glass of water for overnight. next day smash the cumin seeds with your hand after that let it boil well for about 15 mins on the low flame. once it got its first boil, let it boil for 15 min on low flame. then sieve this and consume this hot water.

follow this remedy for 3 months, you'll see that the fat has started melting. apart from this , you can do one more thing to lose tummy fat. often it says that mango is the king of all fruits but i would say gooseberry is the king of all the fruits. its king of all fruits because of its health benefits if you consume gooseberry on regular basis this reduce the tummy fat very fast & its also very much beneficial for all your body parts. although its a seasonal fruit, so whenever you got this make its paste take a spoon of it and swallow it with warm water. eat 2 tsp of gooseberry paste 2 times in a day and you'll notice find amazing health change in your entire body.

but when this fruit is not available in the season then you can buy gooseberry juice from the market. take 30 ml gooseberry juice add some lukewarm water in it if you are taking distilled cow urine then after 30 mins you have to take gooseberry juice with warm water this will not only lose your tummy fat often people suffers from joint pain, slip disk, liver related disorders it will cure all these problems. obesity is not a disease rather its an invitation to many other diseases. to cure these diseases you can use aloe vera juice along with warm water if you'll take 30 ml aloe vera juice after taking gooseberry juice with warm water

this will reduce your weight and you'll also feel a new energy in your body. problems like acidity, skin related problem will be cured gradually. so you must start consuming gooseberry & aloe vera juice. walking is also essential for you. you can walk slowly but you must walk twice a day for at least 20 mins. i often say that we shouldn't eat not very spicy food. but from the recent researches we came to know that consuming chillies is beneficial in weight loss. how? that i'll share in the next episode along with some amazing home remedies. presently our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.

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remedies for erectile dysfunction

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rectal dysfunction

prostate cancer symptoms are not apparent in the early stages of the disease the symptoms of prostate cancer may be different for each man and any one of these symptoms may be caused by

rectal dysfunction, other conditions as a result routine screenings in the form of digital rectal exams tre and prostate specific antigen psa tests are important though the

disease often never present with any symptoms occasionally it does if you notice any of the following prostate cancer symptoms call your doctor first difficulty urinating or trouble starting and stopping while urinating if you have trouble urinating or stream is slow or week even if this happens once

or twice and doesn't persist you should not ignore it because it's not normal get it checked out right away second blood in your urine if you noticed blood in your hearing or if it burns there is painful to pee ask your doctor about getting tested for prostate cancer because of the prostate glands proximity to the urethra and

bladder a tumor pressing on it may cause urinary symptoms don't ignore the symptom and consult your doctor immediately third difficulty getting an erection i rectal dysfunction if you suddenly have trouble getting an erection ejaculating is painful or there's blood in your semen issues with

erectile function may signal late stage prostate cancer fourth numbness or pain in the hips legs or feet pain in the bones such as the ribs tips or sign can actually be a sign of prostate cancer for quent pain or stiffness in the lower back hips or upper thighs is also a symptom according to the prostate cancer

foundation and maybe a sign that cancer has spread fifth loss of appetite loss of appetite or the desire to eat things one normally would can be a prostate cancer warning sign even though the symptom seems minor since prostate cancer usually doesn't present with clear symptoms in order for

us to find cancer that's curable men have to be proactive six swelling and legs or pelvic area one of the major symptom during prostate cancer swelling and legs or pelvic area if you find this symptom do consult the doctor right away

rectal dysfunction

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penis prosthetic

hi guys today, i'm going to be talking to you guys about a new product the rod, which, as the name suggests, is actually quite literally a rod it's essentially a silicone penile extension it's for guys who've had meta, or metoidioplasty

penis prosthetic, with urethral lengthening in which case you can also use it as a stand to pee device if you're finding that you'd just like a little bit of extra clearance room from your pants

it is also appropriate for natal guys if you're under two inches and you also have trouble standing to pee then this product would work well for you as well so yeah, not just for trans guys, but also for natal guys and it's also not just for trans guys that have had surgery if you haven't had any surgery, you can definitely still use it i myself have not had any lower surgery and i can use it just fine

but in my case, it's obviously more for visual reasons if i want to shower in a public shower naked, etc it's not for functional reasons i obviously can't use it as a stand to pee because i haven't had urethral lengthening so yeah, that's pretty much who it's for i think as long as you've got about an inch of growth you'll be fine you'll be able to use it i mean i can use it just fine, walking around sitting, moving around through the day it stays on fine

anything vigorous like riding a bike or running it will come off, definitely but otherwise, it does a pretty good job at staying put now, the inherent nature of this product will pretty much also mean that what's about to happen because i'm about to demo this product in situ is that... you guessed it i am going to strip

so, just to all of you citizens on patrol out there again, i am going to request that you do not flag this video there is no sexual content in this video there's no gratuitous nudity in fact, technically speaking there's no nudity at all because what you're about to see is actually a silicone prosthetic but i do appreciate obviously that it will look very much like nudity now youtube does allow for nudity for the purpose of information and education

so i'm not breaking any of the youtube terms of service so yeah, hugely appreciate it, if you didn't flag this video but at least hopefully me doing this spiel will make it easier for the moderators of youtube when it eventually, inevitably does get flagged to hopefully re-instate it fairly quickly so sorry about that for the rest of you okay, so without any further a do i'm gonna get into this

i'm just gonna strip so yeah, last chance if you don't want to see me strip, now's your time to exit and i'm gonna treat this pretty much just like jumping into cold water i'm just gonna do this because, i can tell you that stripping on youtube is also not my idea of fun so i will try to keep this part relatively brief ok so

one, two, three, go i'll just do the whole lot and i'm gonna essentially strip down to my underwear first so that you can see what it looks like in underwear so you can see that it's pretty subtle it just sort of sits up the pants a bit and i'm going to keep going to there you go there you have it

so you can see that as i'm walking around it doesn't look in any way odd i mean, i do have to admit i'm not usually this unruly but obviously having that amount of hair to disguise the seam, is obviously helpful and it moves around pretty naturally i mean, maybe don't try to do the helicopter with it it's gonna stay put

you can shower with it without any issues so yeah, underwear back on just pop it up that's how it looks i'm trying to catch my jeans with my feet so yeah, that hopefully give you a pretty good idea as to what it will look like in the shower room and demonstrate how it works i'll feel a lot more comfortable once this is all on

and i'm talking to you clothed again okay, that feels better alright so it does come off relatively easily there's a neat little party trick not a lot of guys can do that so yeah, just giving you a close look at it this is about three inches now, trans guys

believe it or not three inches is actually just a smidge below the average length of a pendulous, flaccid penis so, i'm obviously trying to keep this on the small side for functionality reasons i want it to be comfortable and look natural in underwear and three inches is plenty

to be able to clear your fly that's pretty much the only size i'm going to be making them in now you'll notice that the slit or hole is actually very discreet again i want to keep this looking as natural as possible i don't want a big funky hole at the tip here most stps you really can't get around that you're navigating putting a cup into place

and you don't want to then also worry about a tip but with this all you really need to do is give the tip a slight squeeze and it opens up so because you're essentially going to have it attached all you really need to do is aim and squeeze which is straight forward enough so, yeah, it's nice that this can sort of be very discreetly hidden

and the way that you actually put it on is, that you can see that there's these silicone rings in here so what you do is you, just quite literally turn it inside out like this, put it against you and then just roll it on voila, and that's it it is quite grabby especially if you put something like a finger in here because obviously that's a lot more solid

anything that's got a bone in it, it's really going to want to grab a hold off but obviously you don't want to strangulate your bits so, you know, it's that fine balance between having it on enough that it's going to stay but also loose enough that it's gonna stay comfortable as well that's pretty much it it should be available i anticipate in the next month (note, it is now available)

so just make sure you subscribe to the transthetics newsletter and i'll keep you posted on exactly when it's available is where it will be available

penis prosthetic

watch this space and then if you want one, come grab one okay, thanks guys bye

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man erection

hi viwers only one glass of this juice will help you un block arteries every year heart attack or stroke is one of the main cause of death one out of three deths is caused by

man erection, cardiovascular disease and more than 2,500 people died because of it every single day the arteries in often leads and products this condition comes as a

result of an unhealthy lifestyle and conception of fatty and proccss to food that causes fact before this in the blood vessels this recipe will help you cleanse the body toczins and unblocked the facts from your bloodvessels for this we need some at all the injured lemon and pepper powder let's start the process take a blender jar place tomoto

pieces in it add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice 2pieces of ginger pinch of pepper and water then blend well blending it over take this mixture into a glass juice is ready to serve drink this amazing barrage between me

man erection

you can drink up to 3 cups a day this juice will help you unblog arteries

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how to increase blood flow to pennis

garlic improves sex stamina garlic increases sex power in men and women by natural way how garlic can benefit your health it improves your mood and boost your

how to increase blood flow to pennis, sexual life garlic not only gives flavor to cookie but also boost your health in so many ways it increases the cerculation to all parts of the body

it contains aphrodisiac properties which can boost your sex life garlic has a great ability to promote your libido it is a medical herb which can heat body organs naturally it normalize the blood flow in the direction of penis it is not only effective for your sexual growth but also your heart health how to

use garlic if you're having difficulty in direction then you can take two to three garlic cloves daily after a month you can cut down into three times in av raw garlic lo are more effective garlic promises to improve your sexual health and humans you not out it increases antioxidant levels in the body as it is having aphrodisiac

properties it can boost your sexual stamina how to increase sex stamina here are some delicious food to increase libido if you feel that your relationship is turning from love to boaring the reason is that you find yourself in no mood for love or romance here are several reasons for lacking of libido they are working too many hours

heavy stress strain and also harmonell inbalance here are four superfoods to increase your libido and spice up your sexual life first one watermelon watermelon is also called as new viagra it containes citrulane and amino acid which relaxes blood hills and increases sex drive avocado

they are rich in potassium which boost libido for both sexes avocado is rich infolic acid and provides energy and stamina asparagus asparagus is high in b - vitamin and folates which helps to increase your production of his spearm which is very important for increasing the sex drive in men and women chilis if you like hot and spicy chilies will

bring is smile on your face chilis contained capses in which increases blood flow and helps to release mood enhancing and orphans which naturally pump your libido so friends include the super foods in your diet and enhance your lobido and enjoy your sexual life benefits of onion onions are very beneficial onions do much more than

adding excellent flavor too many reciepes there numerous health benefits makes them a must have food item in our daily diet here are amazing health benefits of onions first benefit anemia the high content of iron in onions makes it beneficial for the treatment of anemia just by eating half of medium raw onion daily can significantly lower

cholesterol and helps in preventing heart attacks second benefit helps in balancing sugar levels onions are said to a great addition to a diabetic diet and they are low in calories and provide a good amount of fiber iron potassium vitamin c and many other nutrients third benefit useful for treating menstrual cramps onions are one of the best

soothing agent of menstrual cramps consuming raw onion regulerley just four to five days before your period can help in soothing down your pain forth remedy it boosts sexual drive allison the chemical that gives on a strong smell is responsible for increasing the blood flow to sexual organs does increasing sexual drive fifth

remedy it cures dandruff onions being rich in vitamin c and having antiseptic property they help and reducing dandruff a study has shown that applying onion juice on scalp twice a week for two months will cause hair regrowth definitely cost much lesser than any hair tonics sixth benefit helps and better sleep the phytochemicals found in onions help in

elevating sleep disorders seventh benifit the boost immune system studies have shown that the antioxidant properties in onions helps to remove free radicals from the body the proto chemicals found in onions promote better functioning of vitamin c in the body and the boost immune system eight benefit gives glow to the skin as it is

rich in vitamin c and having anti-inflammatory properties onions reduces patchy skin and pigmentation also don't forget that consuming onion everyday will give healthy glow to the skin by purifing blood repeat this on every day early morning on empty stomach

how to increase blood flow to pennis

within two weeks of usage you will start lossing abdominal fat

repeat this for one month for effective results

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erection pill

playboy poll: 1/4 of americans photographed or filmed nude the latest playboy poll compiled responses from 2,310 adults in an internet sex survey. the survey found that 27% of men and 23% of women have been photographed or filmed nude,

erection pill, with 15% of men and 9% of women saying they’ve filmed themselves having sex. shockingly, 24% of men and 13% of women surveyed

erection pill

admitted they didn’t tell a partner about an std before hooking up.

70% of women remember the full names of all their sex partners, whereas only 40% of men do. the survey shows how technology plays an increasing role in spicing up people’s sex lives. apple action new�

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erectil disfunction

for most years of my 20s, i struggled with somethingthat could easily be described as probably one of the worst nightmaresof a 20-something guy. i suffered from ed,which is short for erectile dysfunction. this means i had a hard time- no pun intended -

erectil disfunction, getting or keeping an erectionor having an orgasm during intercourse. whenever i thoughtabout erectile dysfunction, i always thought that this might bepotentially something you have to deal with when you're older.

yet, here i was experiencing it. since i was ashamed of it to be honest, i kept it for myself for almost a decade. but little did i know that i was just one guy of manyunder the age of 30 suffering from a barelyknown global phenomenon. it was at the end of 2012 that i gotso frustrated with my situation that i finally wanted to confront it. so i went to a neurologist.

he got a look at me, but he couldn't findany physical cause for my ed so he suggested that probablyit was performance anxiety. he subscribed me four pills of cialis which is an erection enhancing drugjust like viagra in order to get my confidence back up. so i give it a try, and it worked. i did get an erection, i could keep it up for most of the time, but i still was unable to orgasm,let alone that i got dizzy and headaches.

thinking about having to pop a pillevery time i wanted to have sex was not a solutionthat i wanted to live with. so i did some more researchon the psychological aspects of sexuality. and not only did i find out,or got awareness for the fact that the brain is actuallythe most important sex organ, i also stumbled upon first insights on how pornographycan influence the brain. you see, growing up as a gay boyin a small catholic austrian village, exploring one sexuality is,

let put it that way, limited. luckily or coincidentally, when i hit puberty, the internetbecame widely available. so this became my perfect outletto explore my sexuality. when i had my first time at the age of 16, i was already watching regularlyhardcore porn movies online. sometimes even on a daily basis, and most the time,for more than one hour per sitting. since the sexual revolutionof the 20th century,

masturbation and pornographyhave mainly been freed of its moral constraints. so we were told that masturbatingand watching porn doesn't do any harm. don't get me wrong, the sexual revolutionwas important and necessary, especially in liberating sexuality, but the belief that pornographycan't do any harm doesn't seem to be quite true. countless experiences onlineand first studies paint a different picture,

with the result that porn can indeed havea negative influence on the brain, and it does so by rewiring it, and especially a brainthat is not yet fully developed. the science is a bit complicated,but the concept is actually quite easy. consuming pornography online is quite different than browsingthrough a playboy magazine. the playboy magazinehas a limited amount of still images, whereas the internet offers virtuallyabundant amount of hardcore porn videos. so a 15-year-old today can have morevirtual sex partners in one sitting

than one of his ancestors in a lifetime. so this leadsto a hyper stimulation of the brain, - this means more dopamine which is a neurotransmitterthat makes us feel good - and this, in return, can again causewhat is called a desensitization. or let me put it differently. at one point, reality starts to look pretty dull compared to whatthe internet has to offer;

which means the brainreleases less dopamine, which then meansa weaker and a shorter arousal, and this - and you mighthave already guessed it - can lead to erectile dysfunction. this is calledporn-induced erectile dysfunction. it's quite a mouthful. again, no pun intended. (laughter) so once i knew what was wrongwith me, this felt like a triumph.

but the best part was yet to come when i got to knowthat this is reversible. apparently all i had to do was to stop masturbatingand watch porn for a total of 120 days. that sounds doable. this is called rebooting, and it gives the braina chance to rewire itself, and in the process,cure erectile dysfunction or porn-induced erectile dysfunctionin this case.

hallelujah! so once i knew what caused my ed, and once i knew it was reversible, boy, was i ready to reclaim my sexuality! and not only i wanted to reversemy porn-induced erectile dysfunction; no, no, no, i wanted to make upfor all the years i have lost. and i wanted to do thatby, well, becoming a sex god. so i thought about what is a sex god,

and i came upwith a list of characteristics that i thought a sex god should possess. on that list were: strength obviously - i mean, a sex god needs the six-pack,the strong biceps, large chest muscles - stamina - he, for sure, can go all night - high levels of testosteronewhich results in a strong libido; the ability to have multiple orgasms, rock-hard erectionsfor as long as he wants, and basically, lots and lotsof experience with different people

knowing and having perfectedall the sexual techniques there are. that was my goal. so i made a plan, and i've startedthe sex god project online, where not only i wantedto write about my experience with porn-induced erectile dysfunction, but where also i wanted to documentmy progress of the journey. so i stopped masturbatingand watching porn, and i started exercising regularlyboth strength and stamina, and i really was determinedto get that six-pack

because that is obviouslysuper, super important for a sex god. i did kegel exerciseswhich train the bc muscle which should result in stronger erections. i research different methodson how to boost once testosterone levels and had it checkedregularly by my physician. so basically, i hunted downand tried to implement every possible technique i could find in order to transform myself intothat vision i've created of a sex god. after a couple of weeks,when i felt ready to test my progress,

i noticed that despite the timeand effort i have invested, i haven't made much progress. yes, i did revitalize my abilityto get and stay aroused longer, but when it was time to put on the condom, i still experienced erectile dysfunction, i still couldn't orgasmduring intercourse. so i was crushed. but then it slowly started to dawn on methat the sex god project had one big flaw. and the greek philosopher plato helped meto grasp the concept behind that.

maybe some of you are familiarwith plato's allegory of the cave. for all of you who are not,let me explain. plato talks about people being in a caveand being chained to a wall; in this case, to a chair. they can see a shadow or shadowson the opposite wall, and these shadowsare being cast by objects moved in front of a fire behind them. having lived in a cavefor all of their life, and being unable to get up and turn aroundbecause of the shackles,

they are obliviousto the fire, to the object, let alone to an outside world. now replace the cave with a room,the wall with a screen, and the shadows with pornographic imagery. and that was the problem: my experience of the sexual realitywere the shadows for most of my life. so of course i triedto imitate the shadows; which are, in the end, nothing more than a distorted and abstractedversion of a reality.

for example, pornography limit sexualityto a passive and voyeuristic perspective whereas the reality of human sexualityis active and immersive, having a dimensionof interpersonal connection which adds a dimension of meaning. or pornography limits sexualityto mainly the visual sense whereas the reality of sexualityis a multi-sensory experience with touch being probablythe most important one. now funnily enough, the answerwas in front of me all along, the only thing i had to dowas to answer the question:

what is a god? in a mythological sense,a god is the ultimate conscious being. so for me, god is a metaphorfor consciousness which is, in plato's allegory,represented through the sun outside. so then, the sex god projecthas became a journey of leaving the cave, becoming consciousof the reality of human sexuality. and this is certainlyeasier said than done. this can be frightening at times because there's a little voicethat constantly whispers in your ear,

"stay in the cave,it's cozy and secure in here. you can't possibly know what's out there." but with every step i madetowards the exit of the cave, with the help of sexual healing techniquessuch as sensate focus exercises, i noticed that my initial symptoms of erectile dysfunctionand inhibition of orgasm gradually decreased. so once i had a idea of what might bewaiting outside the cave, i really fined my previousdefinition of a sex god.

so now for me, a sex god or sex goddess is a person that consciously creates a multi-sensory and meaningfulsexual experience. and along with that form,the vision for sex - that is more than justfor the simple reason of reproduction or satisfying one's personalor biological needs - as an art form, a way for self-expression, or as a way for physicaland emotional healing; or maybe even a gatewayto trans-personal experiences

that transcend our understandingof body and mind. but before we can get there, we first have to destroythe shackles around our mind. i believe that the shacklesrepresent nothing less than the two most dangerous psycho-toxinsthere are: guilt and shame. so i believe that we first have to stopdefining sex as dirty and nasty, and i believe we have to open up,make ourselves vulnerable in order to havethose necessary conversations we so desperately need.

but even before we can do that, we have to become aware of the existenceand the nature of cave we are in. so next time when you areabout to watch porn, try to create awarenessfor the situation you're in; and creating awarenessis actually quite simple. all you have to dois to create a mental gap between your impulseto watch porn and doing it. and then use that gap,look at that screen, perceive the pixels, and see themfor what they're truly are:

the post modern versionof the shadows in plato's cave.

erectil disfunction

this then could be the first step on your journey to becominga sex god or a sex goddess yourself. thank you. (applause)

young driver car hire

it is a strange sight for people in gaza a woman, wearing a head cover climbing into a truck and embarking on a career as a truck driver bu...