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penis prosthetic

hi guys today, i'm going to be talking to you guys about a new product the rod, which, as the name suggests, is actually quite literally a rod it's essentially a silicone penile extension it's for guys who've had meta, or metoidioplasty

penis prosthetic, with urethral lengthening in which case you can also use it as a stand to pee device if you're finding that you'd just like a little bit of extra clearance room from your pants

it is also appropriate for natal guys if you're under two inches and you also have trouble standing to pee then this product would work well for you as well so yeah, not just for trans guys, but also for natal guys and it's also not just for trans guys that have had surgery if you haven't had any surgery, you can definitely still use it i myself have not had any lower surgery and i can use it just fine

but in my case, it's obviously more for visual reasons if i want to shower in a public shower naked, etc it's not for functional reasons i obviously can't use it as a stand to pee because i haven't had urethral lengthening so yeah, that's pretty much who it's for i think as long as you've got about an inch of growth you'll be fine you'll be able to use it i mean i can use it just fine, walking around sitting, moving around through the day it stays on fine

anything vigorous like riding a bike or running it will come off, definitely but otherwise, it does a pretty good job at staying put now, the inherent nature of this product will pretty much also mean that what's about to happen because i'm about to demo this product in situ is that... you guessed it i am going to strip

so, just to all of you citizens on patrol out there again, i am going to request that you do not flag this video there is no sexual content in this video there's no gratuitous nudity in fact, technically speaking there's no nudity at all because what you're about to see is actually a silicone prosthetic but i do appreciate obviously that it will look very much like nudity now youtube does allow for nudity for the purpose of information and education

so i'm not breaking any of the youtube terms of service so yeah, hugely appreciate it, if you didn't flag this video but at least hopefully me doing this spiel will make it easier for the moderators of youtube when it eventually, inevitably does get flagged to hopefully re-instate it fairly quickly so sorry about that for the rest of you okay, so without any further a do i'm gonna get into this

i'm just gonna strip so yeah, last chance if you don't want to see me strip, now's your time to exit and i'm gonna treat this pretty much just like jumping into cold water i'm just gonna do this because, i can tell you that stripping on youtube is also not my idea of fun so i will try to keep this part relatively brief ok so

one, two, three, go i'll just do the whole lot and i'm gonna essentially strip down to my underwear first so that you can see what it looks like in underwear so you can see that it's pretty subtle it just sort of sits up the pants a bit and i'm going to keep going to there you go there you have it

so you can see that as i'm walking around it doesn't look in any way odd i mean, i do have to admit i'm not usually this unruly but obviously having that amount of hair to disguise the seam, is obviously helpful and it moves around pretty naturally i mean, maybe don't try to do the helicopter with it it's gonna stay put

you can shower with it without any issues so yeah, underwear back on just pop it up that's how it looks i'm trying to catch my jeans with my feet so yeah, that hopefully give you a pretty good idea as to what it will look like in the shower room and demonstrate how it works i'll feel a lot more comfortable once this is all on

and i'm talking to you clothed again okay, that feels better alright so it does come off relatively easily there's a neat little party trick not a lot of guys can do that so yeah, just giving you a close look at it this is about three inches now, trans guys

believe it or not three inches is actually just a smidge below the average length of a pendulous, flaccid penis so, i'm obviously trying to keep this on the small side for functionality reasons i want it to be comfortable and look natural in underwear and three inches is plenty

to be able to clear your fly that's pretty much the only size i'm going to be making them in now you'll notice that the slit or hole is actually very discreet again i want to keep this looking as natural as possible i don't want a big funky hole at the tip here most stps you really can't get around that you're navigating putting a cup into place

and you don't want to then also worry about a tip but with this all you really need to do is give the tip a slight squeeze and it opens up so because you're essentially going to have it attached all you really need to do is aim and squeeze which is straight forward enough so, yeah, it's nice that this can sort of be very discreetly hidden

and the way that you actually put it on is, that you can see that there's these silicone rings in here so what you do is you, just quite literally turn it inside out like this, put it against you and then just roll it on voila, and that's it it is quite grabby especially if you put something like a finger in here because obviously that's a lot more solid

anything that's got a bone in it, it's really going to want to grab a hold off but obviously you don't want to strangulate your bits so, you know, it's that fine balance between having it on enough that it's going to stay but also loose enough that it's gonna stay comfortable as well that's pretty much it it should be available i anticipate in the next month (note, it is now available)

so just make sure you subscribe to the transthetics newsletter and i'll keep you posted on exactly when it's available is where it will be available

penis prosthetic

watch this space and then if you want one, come grab one okay, thanks guys bye

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